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2.5 Inch Mobile Hard Disk Box Usb3.0 Serial SATA Solid State SSD Mechanical Disk Mobile Hard Disk Box

2.5 Inch Mobile Hard Disk Box Usb3.0 Serial SATA Solid State SSD Mechanical Disk Mobile Hard Disk Box

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Product information:

Material: ABS
Support capacity: 2TB
Product size: 125*79*13
Transmission interface: USB3.0
Transmission speed: 5gbps
Packing list: color box packaging
Colour: Black

Product specifications:
(1) Input terminal: Micro USB3.0
(2) Output terminal: 7+15 SATA
(3) USB specification: USB3.0 standard, backward compatible with USB2.0, theoretically transfer rate up to 5.0Gbps
(4) Support SATA3.0, backward compatible with SATA2.0
(5) Support USB hot plug, plug and play, no need to install driver
(6) Support UASP acceleration, the speed at which SSD solid-state drives can fly, approximately acceleration: 10%-20%. Supporting acceleration function requires conditions: 1. WIN8, WIN10 system; 2. SSD SATA3 solid-state drive 3. USB3.0 interface .
(7) Support hard disk thickness: 7.0MM and 9.5MM 2.5-inch serial port (SATA 7+15PIN) hard disks, 12.5MM and 15MM thick hard disks are not supported.
(8) Support 3 minutes smart sleep (power saving mode), dormant after 3 minutes without operating the disk, and automatically wake up when the disk is reopened or data is transferred (that is, the hard disk starts to rotate).
(9) After the hard disk is safely removed, the hard disk sleeps immediately to better protect the mechanical parts of the hard disk
(10) Double LED indicator, power blue light and signal green light
(11) Support multiple systems: winxp /win7/win8/win10/ Vista /MacOS9/10 and Linux Operating System

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Packing list:

Mobile hard drive*1

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