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Eye care instrument, eye protection instrument, eyesight training instrument

Eye care instrument, eye protection instrument, eyesight training instrument

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Power mode: battery, car power, AC
Function: timing, music function, handheld remote control
Control method: computer type
Color: local gold, white

●Pneumatic massage helps to massage the eye points at full pressure. Relax muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve pain and eye strain
●Multi-frequency vibration massage, producing rhythm, uniform vibration frequency, helping to promote microcirculation, effectively flushing the ear canal and improving vision
● Warm infrared compression, using infrared light to respect men helps relieve headaches and dizziness, accelerate eye circulation, relieve eye pain and dry eyes, blur the black edges of the eyes
● High-frequency 3D magnetic field helps balance the autonomic nerves, increase oxygen absorption, and help stimulate blood circulation




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