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New printer cartridge

New printer cartridge

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Model: FOR HP178XL HP178BK CN684H CB322H CB323H CB324H Applicable brand model: Deskjet 3070A C410c C410b D5460
Cartridge capacity: BK 24ML PBK C M Y each 15ML
Filling: not filling
Net content: BK 24ML PBK C M Y each 15ML
Type: compatible
Corresponding to the original model: HP178XL

Cartridge features:
①Using carbon zero technology, that is, the diameter of the particles contained in the ink tends to 0. In layman's terms, the nozzle will not be blocked by long-term use. This is
The key to whether compatible ink cartridges are accepted by you, right?
②Environmental protection: use PP or HIPS rubber compound, add degradable ingredients, which can be decomposed naturally, with good applicability and flexibility, and reduce
Environmental pollution.
③Rich colors: According to the ink characteristics of different printers, the ink composition and chromaticity are adjusted and proportioned to ensure the printing quality
Colorful, relatively strong and not easy to fade, printed photo albums can be stored for a long time to keep the colors as bright as new
④Sharp and clear: Carbon zero technology, the edge of writing is sharp, clear, and without burrs.
⑤Large printing volume: vacuum filling ink, innovative technology to remove residual ink, less ink residual volume.
⑥Smooth ink output: New chips and nozzles, domestic filters and sponges are used, filled with carbon zero technology ink, and printing is smooth.
⑦Compatible: The production data and production process are completely new and compatible, and there is no hindrance to the original-like use.
⑧Cost saving: choose Mengxiang brand consumables under the premise of satisfying the printing quality of personal and ordinary office environment,-the end of the year
More than 85% of printing costs. .
⑨ There will be no unpleasant ink smell when printing (except for special products).
⑥Compared with price, quality, and high cost performance, 90% of the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia.

-. How to use Mengxiang ink cartridges
1. After the customer gets the ink cartridge, first check whether the ink cartridge has ink leakage. If there is ink leakage, please do not open the package and keep the package.
Complete, and then even if you contact the seller, explain the situation with the seller, and return the ink cartridge.
2. Make sure that the ink cartridge has no surface damage. Open the package, then remove the bracket on the ink cartridge handle and tear off the air guide film.
3. The long-distance transportation of ink cartridges may cause bubbles in the ink cartridge cavity due to bumps in the road or artificial throwing.
For immediate use, you can hold the ink cartridge and shake the ink outlet (nozzle) down a few times to make the ink outlet air out and ensure smooth ink discharge
Smooth, and then install the ink cartridge.
4. After installing the ink cartridge, please use the printer software to clean the ink cartridge 1-2 times until the writing is clear. Must be printed 2-3 times a week, guarantee
Keep the nozzle wet!


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