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Mountain bike mudguard

Mountain bike mudguard

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Name: Quick-release adjustable mudguard
Colour: Black
Specifications: The rear length is about 37 cm, and the front length is about 28 cm.
Material: Made of synthetic fiber plastic with high strength
Special type: easy to install, quick to disassemble, beautiful
Suitable for all kinds of mountain bikes and road bikes with seat post diameter less than 34mm

Applicable to most mountain bikes, solve rainwater, rainwater is ruthless, and mud tablet is affectionate! (1) The material of this fender is PP. (2) Applicable to mountain bikes. Applicable models are: 20 '' 22 '' 24 '' 26 '' (3) Various colors are opaque. Can be manufactured according to customer requirements. (4) This fender can be installed with two different accessories: (5) We are manufacturers of fenders. The fenders produced are of good quality and competitive price. (6) This mudguard is of good quality, and it is constantly folded in 360 degrees.


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