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Rosemary Shrinking Facial Moisturizing&Repairing Essential Oil

Rosemary Shrinking Facial Moisturizing&Repairing Essential Oil

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Product information:
Product specification: 125ml
Shelf life: 3 years
Main ingredients: rosemary perfume, rosemary leaf oil, ethyl hexyl glycerol
Efficacy: The sweet rosemary essence from nature, accompanied by the elegant and romantic warm and pure breath, is clear, comfortable, moist and nourishing, leaving the skin moist, delicate pores, firm, smooth, tender and elastic, presenting the beautiful skin with crystal water.
Usage: After skin cleaning, apply proper amount of this product to the face and massage until it is absorbed. It can also be applied to the face for 5-10 minutes after moistening the cotton pad or paper film with pure dew.

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